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The Not-So-Lazy Boy

Attention couch potatoes: This may be the best news since remote control! You no longer have to lounge around motionless to spend the whole day in your favorite armchair. Instead, you can cruise around on your favorite driveable, street-legal furniture.


In 1998, Edd China needed a gimmick to help raise money for charity. He also a longed for a “comfy” vehicle to drive around in. So, with a low budget and an active imagination, China created the first Casual Loafa – an armchair and coffee-table set attached to the base of an automobile. The vehicle was so popular that China decided to turn his idea into a company called Cummfy Banana (a name that combines Edd’s original goal with his nickname). These days, the company turns ordinary pieces of furniture into street-legal vehicles that can be found on the streets near London, England.

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Take, for example, the Street Sleeper, a four-post bed-on-wheels powered by a VW engine. Or the Bog Standard – a motorcycle and sidecar hidden under a bathroom set. (Can you imagine sitting at a traffic light and casually turning to the look at the vehicle beside yours – only to realize that the driver is sitting on a toilet and his passenger is riding in a bathtub?)

Although cruising around in your favorite armchair or rolling down the street without rolling out of bed may seem like a dream come true, insuring drivable furniture is a nightmare. This is why if you head to England and rent a Cummfy-Banana creation, your rental rate of

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