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The Shop: Lane Griffin of Laney’s Collision Center


Lane Griffin
Vice President of Operations
Laney’s Collision Center, El Dorado, Ark.

Skoal or Copenhagen?


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What is the most common misconception about Arkansas?
Probably that we’re backwoods, down home and out of touch with the real world. As a whole, we’re really not behind on the advancements in technology.

Are you proud that PGA golfer John Daly is from Arkansas?

That’s okay. I’m not really a big golfer. I’ve never seen him around. We’re kind of located in the middle of nowhere.

What’s with your camouflaged phone clip?

That’s just me, man. I enjoy the outdoors.

Are a big-time hunter?

I like to duck hunt a lot. We’ve had several good duck hunting trips.

Do you watch that new reality show, “Duck Dynasty?”

I’ve seen it a time or two, but I’m not going to say I watch it. The father on the show, Phil, taught my mother in high school back when he was a teacher.

Are you a Razorbacks fan?

Not this year. They didn’t do well at all. I don’t keep up with them that much. It’s something to do when there’s nothing else to do. If I don’t watch the game, that’s okay.

How did you celebrate New Year’s?

We had steak for dinner and were in bed by 9:30. I was going to celebrate with a duck hunt but it was raining. I guess I’m getting old because I didn’t want to get out there in the rain.

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