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The Waterborne Basecoat System for High Production Shops

When it comes to performance, there are multiple considerations when selecting a refinish system. At the top of the list are the ability to deliver excellent color matching and fast throughput. And given the shortage of experienced paint technicians, it would be a plus if the system is easy to learn and apply. The ENVIROBASE® High Performance system (EHPTM) meets these key performance essentials with exceptional process efficiency. 

Color Accuracy and Efficiency

Given the complex, highly chromatic colors increasingly used by OEMs, the EHP mixing system features all the latest vibrant latex toners required to match these finishes. Enhancing this ability to match OEM translucent colors—such as Honda Andaro Blue Pearl and Ford Ruby Red—five spectral gray (SG) undercoats are designed to contribute to the final basecoat color. PPG’s color formulas specify the optimal SG shade.

Next, consider the industry-leading Chromatic Variant Deck. Comprised of thousands of prime and variant colors, it receives high praise from users. “The color chips are an identical match, so there’s little need for sprayout cards,” explains Andy Zamora, co-owner of Zamora’s Auto Body. “So, when handling some 300 RO’s a month and not having to do sprayout cards on the vast majority of those vehicles, that’s saving us a significant amount of paint materials and labor hours.”

“We demoed four waterborne paint lines and found PPG had the best product, the best technology, and the most technical support.” – Andy Zamora

Fast, Efficient Application

From sealer to clear, the Envirobase High Performance system delivers excellent throughput performance. The chromatic sealers require only 15 minutes flash before topcoating, and the EN-V® Series clearcoats can bake in as little as 20 minutes at reduced booth temperature. “When we switched to the Envirobase system, we were able to increase our throughput by 10%,” explains Zamora. “We increased our output by some 30-40 vehicles per month during busy times—it’s truly had a significant impact on our productivity and profitability.”

Easy to Use 

Painters find this waterborne system easy to learn and apply, using traditional application techniques. They appreciate the superior metallic control when applying the basecoat, and the easy, tighter blends they can achieve. Jeff Smith of Pro Collision especially likes the fact that “redos” or de-nibbing can be performed straightaway without having to remove the basecoat and start over.

PPG Support

“Working with PPG is more like a family relationship—they’re always on your side and will go out of their way to help,” says Frank Wilcox, owner of Franks Collision Center. “I especially benefit from participating in the peer-to-peer PPG Performance Group and classes on financials and lean processes—as well as the support for building our new shop.”

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