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Top 5 Stories of the Week

The Benefits of Going “Green” in Your Collision Repair Facility

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Going green can improve your business and deliver real green to your bottom line.

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More Change is Coming to the Collision Industry

Your business is most likely experiencing a tsunami of change today. How are you handling it?

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Divide and Conquer: The Insurer’s Way

The tactic of “divide and conquer” is designed to weaken the enemy’s offense to a point where it becomes the enemy’s defense. Insurers use it against repairers all the time.


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Vehicle Trade-In Values Climb to All-Time Record High

New data by Edmunds indicates that the average value for all used vehicles traded in during the month of March hit an all-time high, climbing to $17,080, compared to $14,160 a year ago.

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Farmers Insurance Donates Recycled Ride to Air Force Veteran

Farmers worked with Gerber Collision & Glass to restore a 2016 Chevy Trax as part of the NABC’s Recycled Rides program.

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