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Top 5 Stories of the Week

VIDEO: Recalibrating Honda Vehicles

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Honda safety and driver assistance systems that will require inspections, calibrations and/or aiming after collision repairs.

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Diminished Value: The Secret to Glowing Online Reviews

Advising your clients to get diminished value compensation for their vehicles is one of the best ways to get positive online reviews and word-of-mouth business.

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VIDEO: Scanning Honda Vehicles

Diagnostic scans, inspections and/or calibrations that must be done on all Honda vehicles involved in a collision.

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Ford Releases Position Statement on Ford/Lincoln Bumper Repair with ADAS

Ford states that in body repairs involving front and rear bumper fascias, it is critical that the vehicle be restored to proper operating condition to ensure that safety systems function correctly.


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Polyvance Introduces 6480 Two-Inch Wide Magnetic Tape Spool

The two-inch Tape Thing magnetic tape spool from Collision Edge protects aluminum tape and also keeps it handy for easy access.

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