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Top 5 Stories of the Week

Hiring Veterans: Supporting Those Who Have Served

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Although I didn’t serve in the military, I have many friends and family members who did. That’s why I’m committed to giving back to these veterans in my business and in my community.

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Auto Techcelerators Releases ADAS CoPilot, Mobile App Suite

ADAS CoPilot, Calibration CoPilot and Test Drive CoPilot platforms are now available for use in North America.

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AASP/MA Introduces New Dental Plan Benefit

The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Massachusetts (AASP/MA) announce it is introducing a new cost-savings benefit for its members via partnership with Altus Dental.


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NAPA Joins CIF Annual Donor Program

The CIF Annual Donor Program was designed to recognize organizations that support CIF efforts with recurring annual donations.

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Axalta Survey Reveals Color Key Factor in Vehicle Purchases

More than 4,000 participants aged 25 to 60 in four of the largest vehicle-producing countries responded that color was a key factor in 88% of vehicle purchasing decisions.

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