Tradiebot Introduces Virtual Spray-Painting Training Simulator
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Tradiebot Introduces Virtual Spray-Painting Training Simulator

Tradiebot has announced the launch of SprayVIS, a virtual reality spray-painting training simulator and software designed for the next generation of trade school students.


Tradiebot has announced the launch of SprayVIS, a virtual reality spray-painting training simulator and software designed for the next generation of trade school students honing their skills within the comfort of a classroom, training center or exhibition.

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Generation Y and Z have been surrounded by innovative technologies like portable computing, virtual reality and video games their whole lives. SprayVIS combines these technologies to connect with those generations, stimulating interest and promoting trades as a pathway to a secure and prosperous career choice. SprayVIS provides prospective students with a realistic virtual spray-painting experience and a direct connection to the industry.

SprayVIS also delivers sponsorship opportunities for businesses within the industry to help promote spray-painting as a career choice for the next generation.

The SprayVIS, developed and manufactured in Australia, is the result of 18 months of research and development. It presents an industrial training solution that harnesses engaging, interactive and immersive teaching methods to increase training speed and effectiveness, while saving costs and generating a positive environmental impact. Users are placed in realistic virtual environments and exposed to simulated training scenarios, while receiving real-time feedback and ongoing progress tracking.


The out-of-box, plug-and-play solution is one of the most technologically advanced, cost-effective and compact systems on the market, providing a new perspective in delivering training using immersive virtual environments.

The SprayVIS system is an all-in-one early training solution providing a pathway into the spray-printing trade, rapidly providing potential spray painters with the necessary foundational skills, technique and experience before being handed a spray gun and placed in a real environment to continue their training towards an apprenticeship and career as a spray painter.

The simulator hardware has been designed with convenience in mind. Housed in a compact and rugged travel case, it enables safe and easy transport to deliver effective training in any location. With a specialized spray gun controller manufactured by Tradiebot, the system replicates the feel, weight and ergonomics of a real spray gun. The spray gun also incorporates an industry-standard air hose and is fitted with adjustable weights, simulating the mass of virtual paint.


“What an exciting training tool SprayVIS is, providing a new perspective on how early training can be delivered to the next generation of spray painters and enable us to stimulate interest in the spray-painting field like never before,” said Dr. Kristan Marlow, director of engineering and operational technology for Tradiebot.

Tradiebot states that the SprayVIS has been a huge success with the students during testing periods at career events and industry expos, with 30 students waiting to try their hand at spray-painting. Previously, those who wanted to try spray-painting as a trade would have been required to visit a designated site that had a spraybooth, utilize protective gear, have a trainer on-site and use real paint in order to experience the skill and determine if it was the career path for them. With SprayVIS, any location can become a virtual training center.


“It is exciting to see new virtual reality technology like SprayVIS enter our industry, what a great way to attract school kids into the spray-painting trade,” said Maxine Colligan, medal winner in WorldSkills Car Painting. “Using such cool digital tools as VR headsets that the younger generation can relate to and use within the classroom.”

To watch a video of the SprayVIS in action, click here.

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