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Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions Awarded Second Place in NACE New Product Showcase


Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions was awarded second place in the NACE New Product Showcase for its Regenerative Dryer and Single Person Breathing Air System, which was released at the show held Oct. 5-8 in Orlando.

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Tsunami also released the following new products:
• New Demonstration Unit
• New Manual Regenerative Dryer

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions is a complete line of products designed and developed to assist customers in obtaining dry, clean air for their specific application needs. The system uses the latest technology to provide the cleanest, driest compressed air available, according to the company.

Systems can be configured to provide very low dew points (down to -80º F or very low relative humidity down to .1 percent), with very low sweep rates. The Tsunami says its line removes bulk water, water vapor (humidity), oil, small aerosols, oil vapors, large and small particulates (down to .01 micron) and eliminates odors and tastes, thereby improving and extending downstream equipment functionality. Use of the Tsunami products can help save 10-15 percent of compressed air energy costs, according to the company.

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Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions

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