Tsunami Launches Dust Collector Regenerative Dryer

Tsunami Launches Dust Collector Regenerative Dryer

Tsunami's Dust Collector Regenerative Dryer provides an all-in-one solution for dust collector systems by providing clean, dry air necessary for greater pulse performance.

Tsunami’s drying technology is configured specifically for dust collectors to offer a clean air package designed to maximize system performance and reduce operating costs.

By pre-treating and storing ultra clean, dry compressed air, pulse jet systems can eliminate the introduction of moisture that prematurely cakes up on filters or bags. This means more effective and less frequent pulsing. Improvements in pulse efficiency can create a cost-reducing ripple effect throughout dust collector systems, increasing bag life and lowering energy costs associated with compressed air consumption (CFM).

Increase bag life by up to 70%. Dew points down to -40°F eliminate cake buildup on bags caused by humid air and moisture from supercooling during pulses. This results in a lower differential pressure and longer bag life.

Reduce carbon footprint. More effective and less frequent pulsing reduces maintenance costs and save companies thousands in compressed air energy generation.

Extend equipment life. Ultra dry air stops corrosion from shortening the life of pulse valves and prevents freeze up in cold environments.

Plumb and play. Tsunami dryers are built as complete packages and come ready to plumb directly in and out of the system.

For more information, call (800) 782-5752 or email [email protected].

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