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Virginia Governor: Eliminate Vehicle Safety Inspection Program

In his budget briefing, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam unveiled plans to eliminate the state’s motor vehicle safety inspection program.

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The Automotive Service Association (ASA) opposes the elimination of state vehicle safety inspections and believes these programs benefit the motoring public. ASA is urging Virginia repairers and vehicle owners to go to this link to send a letter to their representatives in opposition to these bills.

“Regular safety inspections by a qualified technician can identify and repair most safety issues arising from normal wear and tear on the vehicle,” said Bob Redding, Washington D.C. representative for ASA.

That, however, is contrary to the Virginia governor’s opinion.

According to Northam, “data shows that there is no connection between highway safety and these inspections. That’s why 35 other states don’t have them.”


Additionally, Northam believes the program is an unnecessary expense for Virginians and that elimination of the program will help save consumers millions.

Northam would like to eliminate the vehicle safety inspection program and reduce vehicle registration fees by half. He would also like to raise the state’s gas tax to increase funding for Virginia’s transportation system.

The Virginia House of Representatives and Senate have each introduced their own versions of bills aimed at eliminating the state’s motor vehicle safety inspection program. Virginia is one of 15 states with programs designed to protect the motoring public.

According to ASA, the University of Texas at Austin and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation both have completed studies that support periodic motor vehicle safety inspections. They also have concluded these inspections do improve motor vehicle highway safety.

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