WATCH: Advancements in Lift Technology

WATCH: Advancements in Lift Technology

The new BendPak Octoflex Series concept lift is a two-post lift with eight arms, making it easier to lift vehicles on a traditional two-post lift.

BendPak introduced its brand-new, patent-pending Octoflex Series concept lift at the NADA Show this year. The new BendPak lift is a two-post lift with eight arms. The extra arms are very helpful in lifting any vehicle, providing easy access for work and maintenance underneath a car.

The Octoflex Series concept lift also has foldable and extendable arms. This means it can be used as a traditional two-post lift, and it can reach any lift point under a vehicle.

“We are really excited to unveil our patent pending Octoflex Series concept two post lift,” said Sean Price, director of sales operations at BendPak. “This is a world’s first that has a total of eight lifting arms. On top of the traditional benefits of a two-post lift, now we have four lift assist arms to lend a helping hand.”

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