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Ever feel like there’s just not enough time in the day for training? And even if you made the time, you wouldn't know what courses to have your techs take anyway? Even worse, there’s the hassle of registering.

But what if it weren’t such a process? What if I told you that I-CAR has taken the guesswork – and the hassles – out of training by redesigning their Web site and making it easier for you to find all the answers you need? (All the answers when it comes to training, that is. They can’t help you when it comes to what gift to buy your wife for her birthday, which horse to bet on, etc. They can only do so much.)

The redesigned site not only looks good, but is – more importantly – functional. Visitors can immediately find what they’re looking for by using the search function located at the top left of the home page or by using a category-specific toolbar. Whether you’re an instructor, a shop owner or a tech, information specific to your needs is available with a click of a button.

And if you’re looking for training information, you won’t be disappointed. A tool bar across the top of the page provides easy navigation to pages on training courses and class schedules. Provided is a complete listing of Enhanced Delivery – a series of individual, modularized training programs – as well as traditional classes, along with course descriptions, pricing and registration information. Discount course coupon registration is also available. You can even check out I-CAR-recommended training paths by job description to help determine your employees’ training needs.

Visitors can also learn more about the Industry Training Alliance, Gold Class Professionals and Platinum Individual programs, with information available for download for easy printing. If you’re already a Gold Class Professional, consumers can easily find your shop by first clicking of the prominent I-CAR Gold Class Professionals logo on the home page. From there, consumers can learn more about collision repair and find your shop in the Gold Class Business Directory.

Last, but not least, check out the "Press/News" section of the site for I-CAR industry news. Featured are current and archived issues of e-newsletter articles, press releases and "Advantage Online" technical articles. You’ll also find a prompt on the home page to subscribe to I-CAR’s free e-mail newsletter.

I-CAR’s goal is that "every person in the collision repair industry has the technical knowledge and skills relevant to their position to ensure a safe and complete repair." With a Web site to facilitate that goal, I-CAR is making it more and more difficult for shop owners to come up with training "excuses."

Writer Debbie Briggs is managing editor of BodyShop Business.

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