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How Do I Get More Insurance Work at My Collision Repair Facility?
Sponsored by CARSTAR
Date: August 26, 2020

Are you an independent collision shop owner looking for ways to capture more insurance business at your repair center? While there is no silver bullet solution, a store's performance is often the ticket to ride. There are various strategies you can adopt both in your operations and in your shop's culture to make yourself more marketable to insurers.

Key items like understanding the importance of performance-based agreements (PBAs), tracking performance, streamlining operations, investing in certifications, building a strong shop culture, and prioritizing the customer experience are essential in driving more business to your door.

Attracting and Servicing Customers 100% Digitally (During and After the Pandemic)
Sponsored by Podium

So much has changed in the world during the past few months. Many businesses have been making the decision whether or not to close their doors temporarily and when to reopen.

There’s an increased urgency now to take every opportunity to increase online leads and interact with customers amidst all the uncertainty. This is requiring an unprecedented strategy and creativity. BUT...the opportunity to attract and service customers digitally won't go away once the pandemic has passed -- it's a trend that will continue to accelerate in the future.

Join this brief webinar to learn how your collision shop can manage its customer journeys digitally —- from initial search to final sale.

Making the “New Normal” Work for Your Shop
Sponsored by DRIVE
Date: June 10, 2020

Did your shop grow or just survive the past few months? For it to grow and be nimble in the “New Normal” your shop needs to take the right actions NOW.

This webinar will teach you real world solutions for your shop that you can put into place right away.

You will learn:

  • Proper Service Advisor Training that will bring you shop sales.
  • How to increase and improve your productivity and efficiency.
  • Best policies to increase your vehicle count.
  • How to stabilize your finances – Especially in the “New Normal”.
  • How to hire your own dream team.
  • How your marketing initiatives are more important than ever now - and why you need to double-down on this important aspect of owning a business.
ADAS Best Recommended Practices
Sponsored by OPUS IVS
Date: May 27, 2020

Most shops are aware of ADAS technology and the potential need for service, repair, and calibration. The key question is whether your shop is prepared to service ADAS systems? Without the proper equipment or training, shops are potentially jeopardizing the safety of their customers. During this free webinar you will learn the best recommended practices for servicing ADAS systems so you can determine if your shop is prepared.

How to Win Customers and Influence Word-of-Mouth
Sponsored by Podium
Date: March 12, 2020

We love to talk about the things we love. Whether it’s our favorite sports team or the new burger place we tried last night, we can’t seem to help ourselves when things delight us. And it’s totally natural. Almost effortless. It doesn’t feel at all like an advertisement to us or the person we’re sharing it with.

Anyone with a local business knows instinctively that they live and die by word-of-mouth. A recent study found that a staggering 90 percent of purchases are influenced by word-of-mouth.

But how can you get people to talk spontaneously about your collision shop like this? The answer is surprisingly simple, yet profound - be remarkable.

Come join this webinar and learn:

  • How to give your customers a remarkable experience
  • How to kickstart a word-of-mouth engine for your shop
  • Simple steps and takeaways to take “give [your customers] somethin’ to talk about”
How to Drive More Cars to Your Collision Repair Facility
Sponsored by CARSTAR
Date: December 12, 2019

With so many challenges facing independent owners today, a common question almost everyone asks is, “How do I get more cars to my shop?” Key items like understanding the difference between DRPs and PBAs, tracking performance, streamlining operations, segmenting work and prioritizing the customer experience are essential in driving more business to your door. In this webinar, we will be discussing existing industry challenges like competing with large consolidators, technician shortages and maintaining insurance business, what facilities can do within their operational processes to address these challenges, and how to thrive in this new collision repair landscape.

From Search to Sold: 5 Little Known Ways to Win New and Secure Repeat Customers
Sponsored by Podium
Date: November 13, 2019

The online and offline worlds are colliding. Customers carry pocket-sized computers everywhere they go, but that doesn’t mean that face-to-face interactions in the collision shop aren’t just as important as those online.

Register now to learn some best practices for interacting with your customers online and offline to create a memorable experience, win customers for life, and improve your bottom line.

-How to make the most of every interaction
-What you can do to leverage technology to win more customers
-Best practices for retaining your customers

From First Search to Final Sale: Understanding Today's Body Shop Journey
Sponsored by Podium
Date: June 06, 2019

In this webinar, we will be discussing how the modern collision customer journey has changed, what shops can do to leverage convenience and win more customers, which tools can help your business adapt to meet your customers' demands.

How Does OSHA’s Body Shop Enforcement Program Impact Your Auto Body Business?
Sponsored by FinishMaster
Date: May 23, 2019

During this webinar, we will discuss updates on the new OSHA regulations that apply to the body shop industry and how these regulations will affect your business/job. Learn how to protect your workers and yourself by providing a clean, safe working environment, educational resources, as well as the right personal protection equipment.

Bridge the Gap: How Messaging Can Turn Web Traffic Into Foot Traffic
Sponsored by Podium
Date: March 05, 2019

The best way to get more customers (based off of closing rate) is when someone first comes through your website. Yet many shops are still having trouble converting website visitors into actual paying customers. Join us for a free webinar where we will discuss how correctly messaging customers on the right channels can bridge the information gap and help your shop convert website visitors into paying customers.


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