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What It’s Like to Join a Collision Repair Network


  • Jason Stahl, Editor, BodyShop Business
  • Micah Stewart, Manager of Integration and Franchise Services, Driven Brands Collision

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Date: December 7, 2021

Consolidation in the collision repair industry is accelerating. We hear it every day and see it everywhere, with countless reports saying it’s not slowing down anytime soon. But what if you don’t want to sell your shop?

Many independent owners, whether they have one facility or multiple locations, choose to join a network instead of selling their business. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to join a network? What happens to your facility? What is the process to join? What do you have to do? What are the benefits of joining, and what are the drawbacks?

In this webinar we’ll do a deep dive into all the details of joining a collision repair network, including:

  • What happens to your shop: we will discuss how the transition works, how long it takes and what happens to your facility.
  • What happens to your team: retaining top talent is more important than ever before, so we’ll discuss what happens to your valued team members.
  • What happens to your customers: most stores joining have longstanding reputations in the communities they serve, and we’ll discuss how you can maintain those important relationships.
  • The opportunity to hear from a shop that joined a network: You’ll hear from a shop owner who joined a collision repair network. They’ll discuss their experience in partnering with the network, and what happened to their facility after they joined. You’ll also be able to ask them questions during a live Q&A session.

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