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WIN Announces 2020 Cornerstone Award Winners

The Women’s Industry Network (WIN) presents the Cornerstone Award each year to deserving WIN board members. The winner’s actions and contributions demonstrate the outstanding commitment to WIN’s mission and vision. They also set a high example for others to follow. This year, WIN Chair Cheryl Boswell awarded two board members with the Cornerstone Award: Michelle Sullivan and Jenny Anderson.

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Michelle Sullivan, who is a past WIN chair, is a true leader of WIN. She is a strong advocate of WIN and increased WIN membership during her tenure. She has been a mentor to many women. During the last year, she worked to redefine sponsor opportunities and benefits. She served on the WIN executive committee in various roles and served in a leadership capacity on many committees, including membership and sponsorship.

Jenny Anderson, who serves as vice chair on the WIN executive committee, served a key role in selecting and implementing a new WIN membership database and website. She devotes endless hours working on WIN’s marketing initiatives. She too has served in many roles on the executive committee, co-chairs the marketing committee and is involved in the Most Influential Woman (MIW) award committee.

“This award provides a way in which we can say ‘thank you’ to those board members who make a lasting impression on WIN,” said Boswell. “Michelle and Jenny’s actions and contributions have created a great example for future board members and leaders in our organization, and we are so lucky that they are a part of WIN.”

WIN is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization. WIN recognizes excellence, promotes leadership, and fosters a network specifically for and among women. WIN drives industry sustainability by developing women through education and connections.


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