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Would St. Peter Grant You a Porsche – or a Pinto?

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Three men who died arrived together at the pearly gates, where Saint Peter greeted them by saying, “I know you’ve been forgiven for your sins because you’re all here. But before I let you into heaven, I have to ask you a couple of questions – and you have to be honest or you won’t get in. Your answers will also determine what kind of vehicle you’ll get to drive here in heaven.”

All three men nodded – with visions of expensive sports cars they couldn’t afford while they were alive dancing in their heads.

St. Peter asked the first man, “How long were you married?”

The man replied, “Twenty-three years.”

“Did you ever cheat on your wife?” asked St. Peter.

“Yes,” the man replied. “About nine times, but you said I was forgiven.”

“That’s true,” said St. Peter. “But your record still isn’t so good. You get a Yugo.”

St. Peter asked the second man the same question, and he responded that he’d been married 40 years and had cheated on his wife only once. “But that was during our first year of marriage, and we worked it out. I was faithful the other 39 years,” he said.


St. Peter replied, “I’m happy to hear that. Here’s a Toyota Land Cruiser.”

The third man was asked the same question, and he responded, “I was married 65 years and never looked at another woman. I loved my wife dearly and treated her like a queen.”

“Now that’s what I like to hear,” said St. Peter. “You get to pick whatever kind of vehicle you’d like.”

So the third man chose a Porsche 911 Turbo and sped off into the heavenly sunset.

A few hours later, the first two men saw a Porsche parked along the side of the road and a man sitting on the sidewalk crying.


When they realized it was the man they entered heaven with, they stopped to ask him what was wrong.

“I just saw my wife,” he said with a sob, “and she was on a skateboard!”

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