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Tired of party guests asking you to change the subject when you start talking shop? Never fear. At this industry Web site, chatting about collision repair is the name of the game.


If you’re a body shop owner or employee (and most likely you are or you wouldn’t be reading this magazine), you probably love to discuss interesting repair jobs or industry issues. But as excited as you get about body shop banter, your friends and family probably don’t feel moved to nod fervently in agreement as you discuss aftermarket parts and direct repair. (And while several studies have shown that a disinterest in collision repair is freakishly abnormal, it’s sometimes difficult to find an attentive audience.)

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What would you say if I told you there’s a place where everyone loves nothing more than listening to what you have to say on industry issues and what’s going on in your shop? A place where you can discuss, debate and even compare notes with other professionals in the industry. Take heart, this utopia is more than just a dream. It’s www.prodiscussions.com, formerly www.autobodyforum.com.

This cyber wonderland is just the place for collision repair chatter boxes. You can bet no one will be rolling their eyes and telling you to find something more interesting to talk about here.


At www.prodiscussions.com, you can chat on five different forums:

  • “Pro Discussions” is a vehicle where professionals in the industry exchange ideas and discuss matters of mutual interest. Just post a message, and others can respond.
  • “Related Boards” is a forum for industry associations to hold discussions. Associations have the ability to manage and monitor their own board.
  • “Chat Rooms” allow users to set up real-time discussions on any subject of interest.
  • “Consumer Assistance” is an area where consumers can post questions and receive responses from collision repair and/or insurance claims adjusters.
  • “Good Humor” is a forum for a little levity. Here’s a vehicle for trading those humorous stories, jokes or riddles your family just won’t hear. Just remember to keep it clean.

While the backbone of the Web site – its discussion boards – are up and running, a few other features still are under construction. But coming soon is a link for a book store featuring industry-related publications as well as a link to featured articles for industry news updates. Also in the works on the site is an updated communications center and a spot for industry-related resources.


So the next time your spouse and children run away from you screaming when all you want to do is start up some friendly banter about collision repair, just remember that somewhere out there in cyberspace is a place where what you have to say always is appreciated.

Writer Emily Canning is an intern with BodyShop Business.

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