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You Can Look, But You Can’t Have: 1999 Concept Cars

Out-of-this-world objects were sighted in Detroit, where dozens of futuristic concept cars landed at the 1999 North American International Auto Show.


Detroit has a lot of strange sightings, but nothing was a stranger sight in early January than the show floor at the 1999 North American International Auto Show. Along with the latest models for the new year, dozens of funky, futuristic concept cars were unveiled — revealing cars so streamlined that many looked like they were ready to fly back to their home planets as soon as their mother ships beckoned.

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Because this year’s new models will be in dealerships, and your shops, soon enough, we’ve decided to showcase only the concept cars — after all, you may never see these cars again. And, if you do, chances are good the production versions won’t be quite as cool.

The Oldsmobile Recon features open-air cruising with a two-panel power sunroof that extends over both the driver and the passenger. Its "coolness" is finished off with a calming, serene, sky-colored silver/blue paint.


With design cues borrowed from the legendary ‘55-’57 and ‘61-’62 models, the Ford Thunderbird concept is a modern interpretation of an automotive legend — with a simply thunderous result! This new concept is said to be an indication of where Ford is headed with the Thunderbird when it goes back into production in the new millennium.

Not for wimps, the concept Pontiac GTO is a iron-jawed, steely-eyed, don’t-mess-with-me, Clint Eastwood-type driving machine. Handsome lines and a historic "Coke bottle" shape combine modern and nostalgic beauty.


Flexible and fun, the Pontiac Aztek features a nifty sliding center console, flip-and-foldable or removable rear seats, grab-and-go saddle bags, a visual/audio system, 10 speakers and a "tailgate mode" sound system. The party goes where you go!

This roadster has roar! Created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the XK series sports cars, the Jaguar XK180 draws inspiration from some of the most successful production and competition cars of Jaguar’s history. A further-developed version of the original XK180, this concept has subtle styling modifications — along with a not-so-subtle supercharged engine, capable of achieving 450 horsepower.

The Cadillac Evoq embodies Cadillac’s vision for art and science. While establishing an expressive design direction for future Cadillac models, it also showcases technologies now available or currently being developed, such as Night Vision; Forewarn Back-Up Aid rear obstacle detection system; rear vision cameras; and Communiport, a mobile multimedia information system with voice-activated navigation.

Combining stylistic elements of the current Formula 1 Silver Arrow and the SLR sports car from the 1950s, Mercedes created the Vision SLR — but with its 557 horsepower, it would more than likely be a blur than a vision!


Flexible and versatile, Chrysler’s PT Cruiser is DaimlerChrysler’s "intepretation of a vehicle that blends many characterisitics to create an all-new segment in America that could easily be called a flexible activity vehicle — but it’s really too cool to categorize." Even cooler, this concept is actually becoming reality. The production version is slated to go on sale in early 2000.

Buick’s new concept car, Cielo — the name stands for "sky" in Spanish and is pronounced see-A-low — is an elegant, four-door convertible designed as a fun, yet safe, midsize family car.


Muscle car meets Mother Nature: Although the Dodge Charger R/T concept pays homage to the rough and tough muscle car era, its natural-gas-powered engine ensures the environment doesn’t get beat up. Another major difference from the original Charger: This one has four doors.

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