Dick Strom, Author at BodyShop Business
Paid in Full

A new service dedicated to collecting overdue and insurer-contested accounts takes the frustrating, time-consuming burden off your back — and gets you paid fairly for what you do.

Inside an Old-Timer’s Toolbox

In the early days when a bodyman faced a repair problem, he couldn’t just buy what he needed. He had to conceive a tool that would repair the problem- and then forge it himself.

Disposable Cars?

More repair-friendly vehicles don’t appear to be in our future, equating to fewer vehicles being repairable and those that aren’t totaled costing more to repair.

Through the Looking Glass – Head First?

Considering the complex nature of collision repairs compared to those of glass, it’s debatable whether networking collision shops will be doable. It’s also debatable whether networks are in the best long-term interest of the collision industry, consumers or even insurers.

OE Direct: Friend or Foe?

OED discounts OE parts, making them more appealing to the insurance industry and benefiting the repairer, who might have otherwise had to use aftermarket. But the forced vendor relationships, erosion of parts profits and possible insurer involvement are raising repairer eyebrows and concerns.

DRPs: Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

Since so many changes are taking place on the repairer-insurer-consumer horizon, all anyone can do is speculate about the future. Not being a betting man (I’ve never even bought a lotto ticket), I’d venture that the answers to Bill O’Keefe’s questions might be “yes” and “no”–but not necessarily in that order. At a recent NACE,

A Streetrod Named Desire

Hot rods earned their infamous reputation thanks to youngsters (or hellraisers, as respectable, law-abiding folk used to call them) who thought any place was a good place to race. But the love of street rodding goes deeper than fast cars, grudge races and pink slips. It’s more about preserving the past and never forgetting where we came from.

Independents: Fighting for Truth, Justice, and a Fair Day’s Pay

“Will non-DRP shops that fight to make insurers pay for everything be ahead in five years?” – Pete Kenney, manager, Black Diamond Auto Body, Las Vegas, Nev. That’s a tough question, one with no obvious answers carved in stone. This industry has changed so much in the last five years that it’s anyone’s guess what

Hand it Over! Getting Insureds to Pay their Deductibles

What should I be doing to get insureds to pay their deductibles? Vehicle owners believe anything their carriers tell them, but I’m often treated with disdain – and sometimes abused – when asking for their contractual portion of repair money.” – Bill O’Keefe, president, Avenue Collision Specialists, Paramus, N.J.

Divorced from DRPs

Until death do us part? Not in this case. Once the honeymoon was over, this Washington shop owner discovered he’d rather go it alone than remain trapped in a loveless marriage.

The Fraud Triangle

Anticipating possibly getting something for nothing – and convincing themselves they’re entitled to it – repairers, insurers and consumers commit fraud on a daily basis, assuming that if they don’t get caught, no one gets hurt. But nothing comes without a cost.

Finding Your Niche

What’s had the living daylights kicked out of it and smells like a herd of horses? It could be your next job. Repairing horse trailers, offering rental cars or spraying on bed liners are just some insurer-free services that can boost your bottom line.