Body Bangin Podcast Archives - BodyShop Business
Body Bangin’: Glue Pulling is Changing the Game!

Micki Woods interviews Danny Hacker of KECO on glue pulling and how it’s changing the game and helping repairers do safer, better repairs.

Body Bangin’: Can a DRP Shop Fix Cars Correctly?

Micki Woods interviews three-shop owner Jerald Stiele on whether or not it’s possible to do quality repairs as a DRP.

Body Bangin’: Using the Appaisal Clause to Get Paid

Micki Woods interviews Billy Walkowiak, owner of Collision Safety Consultants, on the appraisal clause, total losses, diminished value and post-repair inspections.

Body Bangin’: Dropping DRPs

Micki Woods interviews Drew Plischke, director of client insurance reconciliation at Gold Coast Auto Body, on what happened when the shop dropped all of their DRPs.

Body Bangin’: The Disconnect with Female Customers

Micki Woods interviews Katie Mares, author of CustomHER Experience, on why many businesses get it wrong when trying to market to women.

Body Bangin’ with Micki Woods and Clay Hoberecht

Micki Woods interviews Clay Hoberecht, owner of Best Body Shop, who has mastered doing safe and proper repairs and being compensated appropriately.

Body Bangin’ with Micki Woods and Jamie McKinney

Micki Woods interviews motivational speaker and author Jamie McKinney on helping both women and men step up and feel empowered.

Body Bangin’ with Micki Woods and Barrett Smith

Micki Woods interviews Barrett Smith of Auto Damage Experts on the “awakening” going on in the collision repair industry.

Body Bangin’ with Micki Woods and Walt Silmon

Micki Woods interviews body shop owner Walt Silmon on how he gets insurers to pay for the full estimate.

Body Bangin’ with Micki Woods and Ray Roth

Micki Woods interviews Ray Roth of Stout on what it takes to qualify for the Federal Government’s Employee Retention Credit (ERC), where shops can get up to $26,000 back per employee.

Body Bangin’ with Micki Woods and Mike Townley

Micki Woods interviews Mike Townley, owner of Telesis Collision Center, on the best way to deal with the many pressures that accompany working in the collision repair industry.

Body Bangin’ with Micki Woods and Jeremy Scott

Micki Woods interviews Jeremy Scott of Card Connect Partners on smart credit card processing.