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Restoring Beauty to America’s Roadways

By Steve Calitri

To many in America, particularly automobile buffs, the car is like a beautiful model designed and engineered by man; purely functional, yet designed with sleek and sensual contours. When the bodies of these gorgeous models are decaying or damaged, the auto body shop is called on to restore the vehicle to its original beauty. The best plastic surgeon wishes he could restore beauty with the precision of a body man.

Restoring Beauty to America’s Roadways is the slogan of WreckWeek, featuring ShopXpo and TowXpo at the Fort Worth Convention Center, June 20 – 22. Exhibits on the ShopXpo floor will offer body shop owners and managers the equipment, tools, and systems needed for their trade. The WreckWeek Academy, conducted by DRIVE, offers seminars in improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and growing profits. How to successfully negotiate and deal with insurance companies is one of the topics addressed by DRIVE.

Collision Center owners who run their operations well, do so because they are focused on excellence. Mentally it is hard to take one’s mind over to the financial side of the business with the goal of making the business grow. Creating Wealth from one’s business base is one of the WreckWeek Academy seminars, this one conducted by DRIVE’s Larry Monroe. The wealth-building techniques discussed by Monroe alone makes the trip to Fort Worth worthwhile for every body shop owner across the country.

Investment strategies, retirement planning, tax optimization, and diversifying income streams will be explored in WW’s wealth-creation seminar. This presentation, as all of them, is addressed from the core understanding of what it takes to run a body shop. DRIVE specializes in consulting and educating business owners of auto body and auto-repair shops.

In “Restoring Beauty”, WreckWeek and ShopXpo have set out to speak to the pride and skillset of the body shop owner and manager. The Academy speaks to the owner who wants to be more profitable and create more wealth. For a complete breakdown of the Academy seminars being offered, go to

DRIVE will also be available for free consultations on ShopXpo’s exhibit floor; just one more reason to consider flying to Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Shop owners who service the automobile are the epitome of the American entrepreneur, serving a niche need in the functioning of society. They are men of both grit and finesse. Many will love one of WW’s special event, The Big Smoke and Cattle Roundup, where this industry’s cigar aficionados can go to enjoy a premium cigar over a juicy steak.

Shop owners who have entertained buying a tow truck, or growing into the towing trade, will have free access into TowXpo, located in the hall adjacent to ShopXpo. To register for WreckWeek, visit

WreckWeek, featuring ShopXpo is officially sponsored by Body Shop Business Magazine. Long-established shops may apply to be ranked in the BSB 500 by going to

Sponsored by: WreckWeek.

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