By Steve Calitri

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A shop owner needs an arsenal of tactics to master the art of negotiation when dealing with insurance companies. Participants in the WreckWeek seminar, conducted by Cassaundra Croel from DRIVE, will learn the crucial skills and strategies needed to effectively communicate with insurance companies, maximize claims, and ensure fair compensation for their repair services. By the end of this workshop, DRIVE promises that repair shop professionals will be well-equipped to secure fair and profitable outcomes while maintaining positive relationships with insurance providers.

Sound too good to be true? I have spoken to enough body shop owners to know that there is more than one way to skin this cat. DRIVE has built its expertise on the backs of the most savvy body shop businessmen and their own experience in examining the best and worst practices at work in the trade.

WreckWeek’s Academy alone is reason enough to attend ShopXpo at the Fort Worth Convention Center, this June 20–22.

The roster of seminars in WreckWeek’s Academy is almost too much to bear. Body Shop bosses will need to pick and choose which sessions to attend. This will be hard because the topics being presented are so rich. Take the one on Recruitment & Hiring. Any body shop business owner knows how critical this is to the success of a business that relies on the expertise and professionalism of its employees. Then take the seminar on Building Wealth. Owners running a successful collision center will want to be aware of the steps they can take to bring the business to another plateau.

Let me highlight one more of the many seminars at WreckWeek: Blueprinting and Estimating. This is the class description:

In this workshop, participants will dive deep into the intricacies of blueprinting, which is a critical step in accurately assessing and estimating collision repairs. We’ll cover topics such as vehicle inspection, damage assessment, and creating detailed repair plans. Moreover, the workshop will delve into effective estimating practices, including parts ordering and labor allocation. With hands-on exercises and real-world case studies, attendees will leave with the skills and knowledge to streamline their operations, reduce cycle times, and boost profitability by providing accurate and competitive estimates. This workshop is your pathway to achieving excellence in collision repair management.

Reading over the two-days class offerings, you will realize the great resource of instruction being offered collision and auto-repair shop owners and managers. Every shop owner reading this article understands that one never stops learning in this trade, and that one can learn the hard way or the easy way.

WreckWeek is sponsored by Body Shop Business Magazine. To see the complete roster of seminars, go to

Sponsored by: WreckWeek

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By Steve Calitri

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