Lee Amaradio, Author at BodyShop Business
Spring Cleanup: Look Better Than Your Competition

To compete in a consolidating environment, you need to look better than the competition.

DRPs: A Broken Model?

How can insurers and repairers work together to streamline the claims process and earn a fair profit?

Dealers and Certified Body Shops: The Great Disconnect

Dealer service managers don’t understand the value of an OEM-certified collision center and certified repair … and the disconnect is getting worse.

OEM Training, Tech Compensation and the Tech Shortage

Where do you see the industry heading as far as OEM training is concerned, especially with all the consolidation going on?

Who is the Real “Customer” in the Auto Body Shop?

Who is the customer? Is it the vehicle owner or insurer? The answer is not as simple as you think.

Survival Strategies for the Independent Auto Body Shop

I don’t want to sell my shop, and my type of shop is not the kind a consolidator would buy anyhow. How do I push forward?

How Can We Unite the Body Shop Industry to Protect Our Rights?

Asked by Kyle Kuzdell, manager, Szott M59 Collision, White Lake, Mich.

Should I Be an MSO?

I tried opening a second shop more than 20 years ago and failed, but I learned a lot from that failure and am a better businessman today for it. With the MSO model taking off, I’m looking once again at adding another store.

Uniting Body Shops

Reader’s Choice question: “How can we unite the body shop industry in a large metro area in order to protect our rights and not get bullied by insurance companies?” – Kyle Kuzdell, manager, Szott M59 Collision, White Lake, Mich.

Banish Bottom-Line Business

Businesses that focus solely on the bottom line usually produce bad customer experiences. Understand what makes customers smile – and show honesty and integrity – and you’ll be rewarded.

How to Acquire and Retain Collision Shop Customers

Insurers can steer customers to their preferred shops, but we can steer them too. Copy what they do and you’ll be well on your way to regaining control of your customers.

Take Your Customers Back

In order to take back our industry, we need to take back our customers. How do we do that? By fighting insurers at their own game with clever marketing.