Mike Anderson, Author at BodyShop Business
Reader’s Choice: Required Vehicle Safety Inspections

If we are going to agree that inspections are needed when a collision occurs, then we should all be on the same page on what that means.

Writing More Accurate Estimates

In my experience, the No. 1 reason for a vehicle not being delivered on time is usually something related to parts. I’m going to share some helpful websites that you might consider using to write a more accurate estimate.

Negotiations: Educate, NOT Alienate

Quite often, estimators ask me how they should approach insurers to get paid for what they do. I’ve found that by asking these estimators the following four questions, we end up having a much more productive dialogue toward finding a positive path to proper reimbursement: 1. Is it required to put the vehicle back to

Estimating Essentials: Weld Burn Damage

As I travel the country conducting seminars and working with shops, I find it disheartening that many are unaware of the items that require refinishing due to weld burn damage. Weld burn damage is a commonly overlooked item by even the most experienced damage analysis experts. Most estimators in the industry today have never repaired

Converting a Body Shop to Waterborne Paint: What to Expect

After eight years working with waterborne basecoats, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Here’s a no-frills, firsthand account of my experience.

You CAN Create Customers

Shop co-owner Chuck Logan asks whether he can tell DRPs to take a hike and still stay in business.