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Southern Polyurethanes, Inc.

Phone: 706-781-2220 PO Box 1300
Blairsville GA 30514

Recent Products

Southern Polyurethanes Epoxy Primer

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 02-27-2015

Southern Polyurethanes' Epoxy Primer not only has outstanding corrosion resistance but provides excellent adhesion to aluminum, metals, fiberglass and plastics. SPI Epoxy Primer sprays easy, lays ...

Quick-Curing Primer

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 09-02-2010

Southern Polyurethanes 4:1:1 Turbo 2K Primer uses a hyper-cure resin system that can be sanded in 30-40 minutes and is 100-percent shrink free and sand-scratch free in only three hours at 75°F. Tur...

High Solids Clearcoat

by BodyShop Business Staff Writers - 08-11-2010

Southern Polyurethanes 1:1 Universal Clear is a true polyurethane high solids clearcoat that’s hard to run, does well in high heat and humidity, doesn’t require baking, won’t yellow whites, buff...

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