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Recent Products

New Welding Power Source

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 03-05-2015

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Aspect 375, a new flagship TIG welding power source for the advanced professional fabrication market. Designed to meet the most stringent quality demands of the aer...

Welding Hand Tool

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 12-08-2014

Lincoln Electric's "The Welper" is designed specifically for use with MIG welding guns and offers eight functions in a single pair of pliers. Ideal for any MIG welder, the Welper can be used to remove...

Portable Welder

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 12-01-2014

Weighing in at just 40 pounds, the portable Power MIG 210 MP is a multi-process welder with dual-input voltage options (120 and 230 volts), enabling the user to plug it in practically anywhere. The we...

Online Welding Safety Guide

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 12-18-2012

Lincoln Electric's Welding Safety Interactive Guide converts the company's award-winning Welding Safety Interactive DVD into an online format that is easily accessible and viewable on PCs and mobile d...

Recent News

Lincoln Electric Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary of YouTube Channel

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 07-08-2014

Lincoln Electric is celebrating the five-year anniversary of lincolnelectrictv, a YouTube channel that highlights product demonstrations, welding applications and tips from welding and fabricating ind...

Lincoln Electric Launches Weld Parameter Guide App

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 04-04-2014

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Weld Parameter Guide, a mobile application designed to provide common weld settings for SMAW, GMAW/FCAW and GTAW processes. The app is now available for Apple iOS d...

Lincoln Electric Equipment Featured in 'Need for Speed' Movie

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 03-14-2014

Lincoln Electric has announced that its equipment played a key role in the new movie "Need for Speed." Los Angeles fabricator Paul Clarke, contracted by Ghostlight, used a host of Lincoln Electric pro...


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