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Recent Products

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions Introduces Pure-10 Regenerative Dryers

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 10-21-2016

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions has announced its newest innovation, Pure-10 Regenerative Dryers, which provide similar benefits to standard Ultra dryers at a reduced cost: Relative humidity d...

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions' Water Separator

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 08-29-2016

Tsunami filters are machined from the highest quality materials and anodized inside and out to ensure ultimate durability against trapped contaminates. The cutting-edge technology is rigorously te...

Tsunami Releases New 15 SCFM Membrane Dryer

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 07-07-2016

Byproducts of compressed air such as water, oil, vapors and humidity can cause severe damage to your business or operation. The Tsunami 15 SCFM Membrane Dryer assures that your application is supp...

Tsunami Releases 240 Series Filtration System

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 06-01-2016

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions has released the 240 Series Filtration System. It offers maximum protection to accommodate applications requiring up to 240 scfm. Tsunami filters are machined from the...

Get Clean, Dry Compressed Air with the Tsunami Rove

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 03-14-2016

Simply plug your air connection into the ball valve inlet located on the Tsunami pre-filters and you’re ready to go. The Rove provides your shop with ultimate versatility by having the cleanest,...

Get Quality Air with Tsunami's New Air Prep Kit

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 09-21-2015

Quality compressed air is essential for the life of your business. Water and humidity travel through compressors and into air systems, causing catastrophic paint problems. The Tsunami Air Prep Kit pro...

Run Efficiently with Tsunami's Ultra Drying System

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 07-27-2015

For over 30 years, Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions has been committed to engineering quality solutions designed to keep body shops running efficiently. Eliminate your customers’ fisheye, cratering ...

Gear Up for High Humidity with Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 05-12-2015

Summer brings an increase in temperature and humidity. This is bad news for paint shops as many air filtration and drying systems will fail to provide the cleanliness of air required for spraying wate...

Recent News

Tsunami Outfits Gerber Collision & Glass Headquarters

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 06-06-2016

Gerber Collision & Glass cut the ribbon on their brand-new U.S. headquarters in Elmhurst, Ill., on April 15th, 2016. The state-of-the-art facility features Tsunami clean air equipment to ensur...

Tsunami, AXIS Capital Partner to Offer Financing on Compressed Air Systems

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 10-28-2011

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, a division of Suburban Manufacturing Inc., announced a partnership with AXIS Capital, Inc. Commercial Finance Solutions. AXIS Captial is an independent commercia...

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions Awarded Second Place in NACE New Product Showcase

by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - 10-12-2011

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions was awarded second place in the NACE New Product Showcase for its Regenerative Dryer and Single Person Breathing Air System, which was released at the show held Oct. 5...


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