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The Word Track an Insurer Uses to Influence a Vehicle Owner to Go to a Preferred Shop

We have a list of five companies here …” Sound familiar? Like … oh, let’s say … the word track an insurer uses to influence a vehicle owner to go to a preferred shop? But what if the roles were reversed? What if, instead, it’s the word track a shop owner uses to influence a

Allstate Purchased Sterling Collision Centers

“We’ve been a PRO shop for Allstate for 15 years,” says a New Orleans shop owner who’d just learned Allstate purchased Sterling Collision Centers, a consolidator with 39 shops. Though this shop owner didn’t see it coming, he did know something was up. “Several months ago, [Allstate] reviewed our estimates written for them. After a

Restyle Your Business: Offering Restyle Products

In 1999, retail sales of specialty equipment products totaled $23.24 billion. You can funnel some of that cash into your own pocket by offering restyle products – from fender flares to floor mats to grille guards – in addition to the collision work you do now.

Custom Cars at the Click of a Mouse

It’s easy to picture a rear spoiler on a Ferrari, but would that same accessory look right on a Ford Taurus? Without seeing for themselves, customers might be leery of handing over their cash – and their cars. How do you convince them which restyle accessories will turn their sedate sedan into a screaming machine?

Why No One Wants Smart Kids to Become Repairers

“Why do our best students get pushed to go to college when we know that only 25 percent of all college graduates go on to employment in their field? Meanwhile, trades are overlooked. How can the collision industry compete with white collar, high-tech industries?” – Dan McClellan, autobody instructor, Great Johnstown Vocational Technical School, Johnstown, Pa

Dealing with State Farm

“Every shop in this country deals with State Farm, and they all understand that SF can, if it wants, put them out of business. In many markets, it will be a ‘take it or leave it’ situation,” says a shop owner about SF’s revised contract for its direct-repair shops. “I depend on SF insureds and claimants about 50 percent of the time. I, like every other shop owner, have some hard choices to make.”

Can a Three-Day Cycle Time Become Commonplace

Jon McNeill, CEO, Sterling Collision Centers Natick, Mass. Opinion: Yes The average repair has somewhere between 17 and 19 hours on the sheet. If you look at those 17 or 19 hours, there has to be somewhere to cram that into a three-day period – or even 24 hours. What you have to do is

A List of Five Suggestions from Repairers to Insurer

1. Hire people with experience instead of college kids who’ve never been around cars.
2. Stop steering and stop lying.
3. Pay for necessary operations and materials to properly repair vehicles.
4. Don’t take so dang long to approve supplements.
5. Accept the fact that it costs money to repair an accident, and quit trying to cut corners.

Who’s Really to Blame?

The “sacred cow” issue of fraud in the collision industry.

Constructing the Ultimate Shop Design

No matter what the scale and scope of your shop, you just may benefit from having another pair of eyes examine your layout and procedures.

Another Leg to Stand On?

Ohio court rules that an insurer has to pay for the “diminished value” of an insured’s car after a wreck

Follow March Taylor’s Example

March Taylor wanted the entire industry to benefit from his knowledge and hands-on experience