August, 2001 Archives - BodyShop Business
See Spot Run: Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welder

Despite it’s long history, “resistance welding” is aptly named – because many technicians still continue to resist using it.

Let’s Solve the A/M Parts Issue and Move On

I recently received my copy of the May 2001 BSB and read your editorial regarding aftermarket parts [“One Billion Reasons to Be Honest,” Editor’s Notes, pg. 4] First, I want to commend your stance on the issue – namely, that consumers first be informed as to the pros and cons of aftermarket parts usage and,

Controlling Weather Conditions in Your Paint Shop

Blue skies are ahead when you learn you can’t control Mother Nature – but you can control how her moods affect your shop.

If the Suit Doesn’t Fit: Lawsuit Against the Five Investigated Paint Companies

Shop owner Kevin Caldwell tells us why he dropped out of the lawsuit against the five investigated paint companies.

Seoul Survivor: Auto Body Repair Division of the World Skills Competition

Vo-Tech student Lee Geiger of Wisconsin will represent the United States in the auto body repair division of the World Skills competition this fall in South Korea. Here’s how this small-town student braved turbulent weather and showed he had the right stuff to take on the world.

Wheels in Motion: Wheel Set Back

Wheel set back is an indicator of larger problems that are often overlooked when measuring. But because most techs think of set back as an alignment measurement, they don’t bother checking for it – and don’t deliver a complete, timely or profitable repair.

What to Do With Sagging Sales

In May, we examined how insufficient volume can put you in the red. But volume is only half the problem. Insufficient production also poses a serious threat to your shop’s sales. Luckily, it’s all fixable.

Why Must We Fight for Every Dollar: Paying the Prevailing Labor Rate

It’s happened again! Some insurance companies still think they don’t need collision repair shops to fix vehicles. After years of progress toward common ground, Allstate Insurance has taken a reverse tactic: not paying the prevailing labor rate as they see fit. Sounds like selective p-page operations, doesn’t it?

Cash Flow Sheet

Using a cash flow sheet like this will help you identify your accounts receivable, realistic collection dates/amounts, accounts payable and payment options/dates broken down in weeks to see what your cash needs will be during the next month.

Keep the Cash Flowing

Profitability and cash flow aren’t the same thing: You may have a backlog of profitable jobs scheduled, but no money to pay the bills. How do you overcome this? Learn to manage three things: owner’s extras, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

How Many People Will She Tell

I’m not just a collision repair industry editor – I’m a client. I admit, I’ve always been a bit accident prone – if there’s a wall to run into, a piece of furniture to fall over or a step to trip up, I’m your woman. No one in my family ever harbored hope of my

It’s Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Climates can be pretty extreme (too hot, too cold, too dry, too humid), but these days, the right preparation, products and professionalism are a solid defense against weather problems that try to attack a good paint job.