August, 2010 Archives - BodyShop Business
Rooting for a Sellout

I think that most of you who read my column every month realize that I try to write about issues that can positively impact your businesses or make you think about things that can have a positive effect on you or our industry in general. Editor Jason Stahl handles most of the controversial topics and/or

Web Presence Management: Optimize Your Website

Consumers who need collision repair services are now almost exclusively searching for body shops online. So does your shop rank high in their search results? If not, you need search engine optimization (SEO).

Negotiate Like a Pro

Improved negotiation skills can have a positive effect on virtually every aspect of your life, not the least of which is your shop’s profitability.

Compressed Air and Waterborne: What You Need to Know

Before shops convert to waterborne/low-VOC basecoats, they need to evaluate whether their compressed air systems will support the conversion.

Advertising War: Insurers Vs. Body Shops

Some repairers are trying to counter insurers’ advertising with advertising of their own. It might seem like a futile effort, but the goal is not to outspend insurers. Instead, it’s to educate consumers on the accident claim process.

A Shot of Enthusiasm

It’s easy to be pessimistic about this industry when you hear first and second generation shop owners tell you that, instead of proudly handing over the business to their kids, they’re going to tell them to run as fast as they can in the opposite direction. But I’ve got an easy cure for the doldrums,