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“What Am I to Do?”

It’s a familiar plea to me now. Whether it comes by fax, e-mail, telephone or the good ol’ United States Postal Service, the message is basically the same: “I’m a small, independent shop and I’m at my wit’s end. There are two or three shops in my area that get all the work, and I can’t get on a direct-repair program to save my life. What am I supposed to do?”

Gary Collins, Collins Collision Center

Location: Philadelphia, Pa. Established: 2000 Gross Revenue: $1 million Square Footage: 15,000 No. of Employees: 11 Services: Full-service collision repair, mechanical repair and towing What’s it like being married to Joe Frazier’s daughter? The buildup to meeting him was kind of difficult, but once I met him I realized he was the sweetest guy in

Are Aftermarket Parts Good or Bad for the Collision Repair Industry?

Point Counterpoint with Ronald Baker, Jr., and Tim O’Day

Power Steering

Insurers steering vehicles to their preferred shops has gotten out of control. But there are some action steps shops can take to counter its effect.

Troubled Times

Insurer profits are at record highs, and body shop profits are at record lows. Steering is rampant and labor rates are being suppressed. And repairers are supposed to get along with insurers?

Be Prepared to Paint

I call them ‘Boy Scouts’ – painters who are prepared and do the job right the first time. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t have to do the job over for free.

The Unofficial Collision Repair Dictionary: Part II

Class is back in session, students, as we take another look at terms used every day at our shops to figure out their true meanings.

Radiation-Proof RVs: Peace of Mind for the Paranoid

So, you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. You know, that “special” someone. The one who kept the Cold War fallout shelter — just in case. The Purell-toting, medical-mask-wearing someone who, instead of reading his horoscope, predicts how good his day will be based on the terror alert color