January, 2005 Archives - BodyShop Business
Are You My Customer?

It’s the consumer. Always.

Smart Cars: Taking Away Americans Right to Wreck?

Night vision cameras that project an image of the road ahead on a small area of the windshield? Cruise control that regulates the distance from other cars? A system that “sees” around corners? New features that car companies are developing to help prevent accidents make me wonder: What are the OEMs trying to do? Put

We Don’t Work for Free

Every time a State Farm adjuster comes in, there’s something new he doesn’t want us to charge for.

No Supplements Allowed

My techs stopped speaking to me for a while, but once they started reaping the benefits ($$$) of our new system for heavy hits, they liked me again. And I liked the fact that my shop was more efficient and profitable.

Innovative (and Cool) Stuff for the Paint Shop

During the recent NACE show in Las Vegas, I made the rounds of the paint manufacturer’s display booths. (It’s nice to have them back at NACE, by the way.) My topic for this article is new paint technologies, and I was able to speak to someone knowledgeable at each of the booths. I simply asked

To a Happy New Year

It’s a new year. Your resolutions have been made. You have plans. You have goals. You have a list of accomplishments you hope to achieve.