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At Their Mercy: Progressive Has Been Opening a Lot of New “Concierge Centers”

You may have noticed that Progressive has been opening a lot of new “Concierge Centers” lately, where customers deliver their damaged vehicles and, within 15 minutes, are out the door and assured that a claims rep will handle the repair process from start to finish. The insurer has opened 11 of these centers since April

Do the Math: The Importance of Basic Math Skills

My wife is a third grade school teacher. She specializes in math and science. I could go on and on about the ills of our country’s education system, as I watch my wife do battle on the front lines day-by-day. But, when it comes to education, everyone has an opinion and most have no idea

‘Good Customers’: More Harm Than Good?

When the boss refers to someone as a good customer, it usually means doing extra work for free. So, from a commission tech standpoint, a “bad customer” is actually more profitable.

Building a Business vs. Building a Car

Employees inside a truly “lean” enterprise don’t consider themselves production workers. They’re problem solvers. The reason they get paid each day isn’t to perform a specific task, but to improve a specific process. Every small business owner or top-level manager out there shows up to work every day focused on getting the job done. You’d

DRPs, Here We Come?

DRPs are expensive. And once financially dependent on DRP volume, you’re no longer in complete control of your business. That’s why we ask ourselves two key questions before making any DRP purchases. Part 4 of a year-long series.

Aluminum Dent Repair – with a Stud Welder

Aluminum is not a new metal to the collision industry. The Model T Ford had an aluminum hood. The 1925 Pierce-Arrow was all aluminum. And many classic cars of the 1930s had aluminum parts on them. Why? Because aluminum allowed low-production automobile manufacturers to hand-form parts without the use of the costly stamping process. The

Profiting from Customer-Pay Repairs

Afraid to make an insurance claim, many consumers are paying out-of-pocket. This trend not only presents some challenges for collision repairers, but also some opportunities.

Tow the Line: Making a Profit Is Considered Fraud?

When a Progressive adjuster wanted to see the invoice given to me by the towing company (he didn’t want to pay my markup), I asked: “Would you ask a grocery store clerk for the invoice from his wholesaler to see what the store paid for that can of beans you’re about to purchase?” Did you

One Man’s Rust Is Another Man’s Restaurant

Joe Grigas was a man with a dream. He’d purchased a dilapidated 1954 Desoto 2-door coupe and took it to Bob Young at Main Paint and Body in Akron, Ohio, to restore it to its former glory. But as Bob and his crew unraveled the old vehicle, signs of too many years in the rustbelt