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Choosing Sides

t’s official. The industry is equally divided: 50 percent of shops are on direct-repair programs and 50 percent aren’t.

Have You Hugged Your Air Compressor Today

The heart of any body shop is the compressed air system. Often mistreated and misunderstood, the air compressor is usually taken for granted – until it ceases to function. The cost of metal men not being able to sand and painters not being able to spray paint mounts really quickly when no one has any

10 Reasons to Live Where You Work

You’re a collision technician. In fact, you’ve probably been working as one for years. You know your craft, you have the experience and you put in your typical eight-hour days, five days a week. You’ve probably also noticed that at the end of the year, your gross and net earnings have been sliding downward. So

Training Techs – A Guide for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Our workforce is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and talented. But this didn’t just happen. Someone had to train them; someone had to be their instructor or mentor. The ways people learned the craft are probably as varied as the number of techs out there. Schools trained many, but probably not as many as you might think

2003 Industry Profile

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