June, 2015 Archives - BodyShop Business
How They Work: Refinishes

This month, instead of focusing all of our attention on the manual processes of refinishing, we’re going to take a different look at the subject and talk about the business relationships between your paint manufacturer and your shop.

Show Preview: Burnin’ Rubber

NACE | CARS speeds back to the Motor City determined to put the show into overdrive with exciting new features.

Technical: How ‘Low’ Will Shops Go?

With regulatory activity on low-VOC/waterborne paint not progressing as expected, how has the market responded? We asked several paint manufacturers to find out.

5 Tasks to Improve the Flow at Your Body Shop

A great start for any team, whether they’re struggling or not, would be to fix the easy and basic things first before they worry about other more complex things.

Ask the Expert: Seeking OE Repair Guidelines

When it comes to gathering the needed information for proper and thorough repairs, it’s important to know what resources are available to you to provide the best possible repair while avoiding unnecessary and avoidable liabilities.

From the VP: HR – A Necessity for Growing Shops

When you hire an employee, you hire them to be an asset and make money for your company. As assets, they need to be protected just as much as the company needs to be protected to ensure future profitability for everyone.

Web Presence Management: Are You Maximizing Your Facebook Participation?

Taking the time to advertise and spending the small amount of money required must be accompanied by something worth public attention and engagement to be most effective.

Protect Yourself Properly

If your lungs take in enough solvent-laden air along with your oxygen, they’ll pass the solvent into your blood stream. As the blood reaches your brain and your brain doesn’t find enough oxygen because the solvent is in there, you’ll become dizzy or lightheaded.

Publisher’s Perspective: Sometimes You Have to Set Aside the Urgent

Our world is full of things to make our lives more interesting and easier. The trouble is we all have one thing in common: There are only 24 hours in a day.

Editor’s Notes: Building Relationships

PPG MVP Conferences are great reasons to get out of your shop and learn. Take some time out of your busy schedule to attend one of these and I’m sure it will pay off.