May, 2001 Archives - BodyShop Business
One Billion Reasons to Be Honest

Regarding The Fifth District Appellate Court’s recent decision to uphold the State Farm verdict.

Grease Up and Go: Alternative Fuel

Ever wonder what to do with the leftover bacon grease from Saturday morning breakfast? Ever considered using it as fuel for your Fiat? It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds.

Last Page: How’s Business?

“Let us be of good cheer, remember that misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never come.” – James Russell Lowell

Only You Can Eliminate Shortcuts

Technicians who continue to make shortcuts during repairs will only end up giving a bad reputation to the entire industry. Unfortunately, some techs don’t feel they have a choice. Changes need to be made so the guy making the quality, profitable repairs is the coolest dude in the shop.

Retaining Good Law Information

Working to level the playing field between shops and insurers, Chicago attorney Patrick McGuire has created a program where he’s at the beck and call of shops in need of law advice. To the many shop owners he’s helped educate, McGuire is collision repair’s answer to Ann Landers.

What to Do When Sales Suck, Part I

While there isn’t always a quick fix for sagging sales, examining volume and production will reveal what went wrong – and what needs to be done to pull your shop out of the red.

A Jump in Profits

Would you like to know how a Michigan body shop owner’s 8-year-old son doubled the facility’s profits? Here’s a hint. It involved a ramp, nine cars, a motorbike and “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

Dealing With Mr. “I-Can’t-Pay-My-Deductible”

It may be tempting to do your customers a favor when they threaten to take their business elsewhere. But when you see how this adversely affects the industry and your own shop, you’ll realize that you’re a moron if you allow some whiner with a eductible problem to peer pressure you.

Two Words: Plastic Refinish

As plastic components become more prevalent on auto exteriors, it’s becoming crucial to know how to properly refinish these parts.

Caution: Snake Pit Ahead

Unfortunately, poor business ventures aren’t as obvious as road signs flanked by flashing yellow lights and orange cones warning you of impending danger. (If only it were that easy.) How can you avoid such pitfalls? By learning from those who’ve already fallen prey.

The Name’s Bond… Adhesive Bond

Is adhesive bonding the right procedure for the job at hand? Is it recommended by the OEM? Until you’re sure of the answers to these – and other – vitally important questions, put down the adhesive and step away from the vehicle.

Forget the Decoder Ring: CIECA’s EMS System

Because information providers are no longer considering encryption or licensing agreements to limit access of estimate data as it travels along the Internet from shop to insurer, the goal of CIECA’s EMS standard can finally be achieved: No more re-keying data. No matter what provider you use, the EMS system can format the estimate so when it gets to the insurer, it looks just how they wanted it.