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Profits: Not A 4-Letter Word: State Farm’s New Pilot Direct-Repair Program Impacting Shops

State Farm’s new pilot direct-repair program is impacting shops large, medium and small. And the bigger the shop, the bigger the hurt. Canada’s Boyd Group Income Fund — operator of Boyd Autobody & Glass and Gerber Auto Collision & Glass in the United States — recently announced that they expect to be impacted $431,555 to

Profits: Not A 4-Letter Word -You Can Only Learn Lean By Doing.

Speed Is the Key When attempting to create a continuous flow between all the steps in your process, the areas where work doesn’t flow at the pace the customer is pulling will become obvious, forcing you to correct them immediately. by John Sweigart It has always been — and continues to be — difficult explaining

DRPs, Here We Come? Handling All the Paperwork

Handling all the paperwork that comes with being on direct-repair programs doesn’t scare us. Let me tell you why. Part 3 of a year-long series.

Working with Tailor-Welded Blanks

It’s important to identify the unique repair-and-replace considerations these new components create to avoid causing additional damage to a component when pulling it.

Bullied No More: Learn How to Counter Intimidating Negotiation Techniques

“My way or the highway” negotiation techniques have intimidated the repair industry long enough. Learn how to counter them.

May the Best Parts Supplier Win: “Aftermarket” Parts

As I continue my “learning” curve in this industry, one of the most intriguing debates I’ve heard is the one involving “aftermarket” parts. On the mechanical repair side of the automotive aftermarket, the term “aftermarket” has nowhere near the stigma it does across the collision repair industry. Often, I’ve wondered, “Why?” There was a time