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Welding 101: What to Know and Where to Begin 

With many welding methods available, which one is right?

Snap-On Debuts Twin Torch Synergic Double-Pulse MIG Welder

Snap-on has debuted its MIG225Ai welder, designed to help technicians weld aluminum and steel easily.

Welding: Do Welders Have the Proper Wire?

Technicians are unaware that the wire they have in their welders may be entirely wrong. It’s the same wire we’ve used for years, but it’s wrong!

Volkswagen, Audi Approve Pro Spot’s SP-5.3 MIG/MAG Welder

After passing tough tests for aluminum, CuSi (silicon bronze) and steel, Pro Spot International announced that its SP-5.3 MIG/MAG welder has been approved by VW/Audi globally.

MIG-MAG Inverter Pulse Welder with Dual Torches

The Fimer TM 242 Evo Dual Torch from Arslan Automotive is a MIG-MAG inverter pulse welder with dual torches that can perform aluminum, silicone bronze and steel welding.

Chief Introduces MultiMig 190 Welder for Mild-Steel Repairs

The 220-volt transformer-based welder has the power to perform both structural and sheet-metal repairs.

Tesla Approves Pro Spot SP Series MIGs for Aluminum Welding

The Tesla approval joins many others of the SP MIG welders including Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda/Acura, Ford F-150, Cadillac CT6, Corvette and more.

Pro Spot Awarded Mercedes-Benz Global Approval for New Double Pulse MIG Welder

The unique feature of the new SP-5.3 Smart Pulse MIG welder is that it contains three torches and wire spools for immediate use on aluminum, silicon bronze (CUSI) and steel.

Chief Introduces Three-Phase, High Amperage MIG/MAG Welder

The MultiMig 621 can be used to weld and braze aluminum, galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel and high-strength steel.

Chief to Show Globaljig Bench at NADA Expo

For the first time at the NADA Expo, Chief will showcase the bench solutions available through its new North American “Globaljig Presented by Chief” brand.

Dent Fix Releases New MIG Utility Welding Pliers

Features include a groove nose for removing spatter from the welding tip, gripping teeth for drawing out welding wire, dual head for hammering and more.

How They Work: MIG Welders

This month’s article looks at MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding technology and considerations for aluminum, steel and silicon bronze applications.