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Creating Consistency in Your Multi-Shop Operation

You built a successful collision repair business and then decided to expand to additional locations. Sounds simple, right? But replicating that consistent performance and successful business isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Paint & Materials Management: Get the Habit Started

It’s no revelation that the paint labor hours directly affect the P&M reimbursement dollars on every estimate. When you think about that formula, you have to wonder how we got here.

Increasing Sales: The Other Half of Succeeding at Your Shop

You can only cut expenses so much, but the opportunities for increasing sales are limitless.

Operations: Forgotten Labor Part III

Modules, used doors, power mirrors. It still ain’t the ’70s, vehicle technology has changed, and we need to get paid for it.

Cloud-Based Time Tracking System

Lathem’s PC600 time clock works with a Web-based employee time and attendance system to automatically calculate work hours and integrates with QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex.

Comfortable Alternative to Kneeling

The Knee Saver work seat provides a more comfortable alternative to kneeling on the ground while performing restoration jobs.

Spot-Clean Painting Equipment

Sparkle Clean low-VOC aerosol spray cleaner can quickly spot-clean all painting equipment.

15-Second TV Spots

PreFab Ads has introduced three new 15-second TV spots for body shops to convey their particular message.

Add Versatility to Your Vacuum

The VaccUFlex kit consists of two thermoplastic rubber caps that easily attach to wet/dry, upright or canister vacuum hoses so you can use four sizes of small-diameter flexible tubing.

Rent Your Own Vehicles

Lancer Insurance Company helps body shops gain necessary insurance coverage to get into the vehicle rental business.

Scan QR Code for Additional Product Info

Spectra Premium’s product labels now include QR codes, providing customers instant access to part-specific information.

Anti-Static Lab Coat

This white Anti-Static Lab Coat features a detachable hood and uses carbon fiber threading to dissipate static charges in the paint booth.