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Low Profile Sanders

AirVANTAGE LP (Low Profile) Sanders are the lowest profile in the industry with rock solid engineering, materials and craftsmanship. Ergonomically designed to deliver greater control, balance and comfort, the AirVANTAGE LP generates up to .28 hp for fast, efficient performance over virtually every application. Available in a complete variety of palm-style: non-vacuum, central vacuum, and

Grind and Deburr in Inaccessible Areas

Dynabrade’s Mini-Dynafile II is a lightweight, air-powered abrasive belt machine for grinding, blending and deburring in normally inaccessible areas. Running at 25,000 RPM, it uses 1/8- to ½-in. wide by 12-in. long abrasive belts. The multi-positioning grinding head pivots 180°. The lightweight, composite housing reduces vibration and is thermal insulated to prevent cold air getting

Reach Hard to Access Spot Welds

The Extender reaches those hard-to-access spot welds that are obstructed by a structure or component by adding 6-1/2 in. to your drill bit. The plastic sleeve protects anything nearby from damage, keeps cables from tangling and can be used to stabilize the drill point. Works with any 3/8-in. drill, and includes an 8mm HSCo drill

Hole Cutter Kit

Blair Rotabroach Cutters are available in a 15-piece kit that’s perfect for every tool box. They make holes three times faster and last 10 times longer than twist drills or hole saws. Designed for materials up to 1/2” thick, these tools are ideal for any type of metal fabrication. Visit www.blairequipment.com or call (810) 635-7111. 

Aluminum Tool Kit

Cebotech’s new aluminum tool kit includes the basic tools to perform collision repair on aluminum body panels and is modular so components can be added as required. Included are: hammers, dollies, aluminum studs, heat gun, laser thermometer, special aluminum dent puller and more. The kit is supplied with a heavy-duty lockable cart to keep the

Right Angle Buffer

Dynabrade’s air-powered Right Angle Automotive Buffer is ideal for spot repair and buffing and polishing applications. Running at 2,500 RPM, the tool features a composite grip handle, which absorbs vibration and reduces air transmission to the operator’s hands. The tool also features a built-in speed control, a rear exhaust motor and a safety-lock throttle lever,

Remove Spotwelds in Boron With Ease

The New Premium Solid Spotweld Cutter makes removing spot-welds in boron steel quick and easy. Made from solid carbide with two coatings for increased tool life and smooth cutting action, it has a self-centering point with precision ground tooth geometry. It can be used in most common spotweld “guns.” 

Precise Finishing Tool

T.C. Service Company’s 400 GHXM Series tools offer five gear train options for finishing speeds ranging from 525 rpm to 5500 rpm. The 1.2-hp motor easily handles flap wheels, inflatable wheels, surface finishing wheels and mandrel-mounted abrasives. The lightweight tool is available with threaded outlet, collet or combination arbor. Extended tool length allows two-handed control

Extended-Reach Cut-Off Tool

Dynabrade, Inc., is offering a new air-powered cut-off tool with an extended design to better reach tight or confined areas, and the forward motion of its running cut-off wheel allows for a straighter cut. The 0.5 hp tool is rated at 20,000 rpm and has rear exhaust, uses 3” diameter cut-off wheels that have a

Wheel Service Without Levers

Hunter’s Auto34 includes automated functions and a powerful, high-torque motor to service wheels up to 34 inches in diameter. The Auto34’s tool head design features a thin, vertical shape that slips between the rim and tire sidewall and extracts the bead in one fluid motion. The tool head design and elimination of levers reduce tension

Coil Kit Now Available

  Induction Innovations introduces a new coil kit (PN MD99-650) for use with its Mini-Ductor,  a 1,000 watt hand-held induction power inverter that makes removal of seized nuts, thread lock compounds, bearings and other mechanical hardware or parts easy. It comes with eight pre-formed coils, with an I.D. ranging from 3/4” to 1-3/4”. All the

Limit Use of Materials

The Dominator dent removal tool reduces the size of the repair throughout the repair process. There’s less dry time waiting on fillers, primers and sealers. Plus, there’s no sand scratch swelling. Save body panels that would otherwise be discarded, plus perform repairs without having to refinish. Visit www.dominatemetal.com.