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Equipment and Tool Institute Releases Position Statement on Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning

ETI says the pre-scan is now necessary for the repair facility to be able to help scope and estimate the repair processes required for a safe and complete repair.

AMi Launches ‘Management’s Guide to Scanning and New Technology’ Online Course

The 108-minute course covers essential information needed by collision repair managers to make decisions about scanning and other new technologies.

SCRS Releases Video on Restoring Vehicle Functionality through Electronic Technology and Diagnostics

Video is the second of two that were recorded during the OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit at the 2016 SEMA Show.

Chubb Insurance Says It Will Pay for Pre- and Post-Repair Scans

Insurer communicates to collision repairers that they are going to allow for and pay for pre- and post-repair scans on all “modern” vehicles 1990 and newer.

CIC Emerging Technologies Committee Invites Input on Pre- and Post-Repair Scans and Diagnostic Repairs

The Scanning & Diagnostics in Collision Repair Task Force, comprised of OEMs, repairers, equipment companies, trade groups and insurers, have been working together to discuss the topic and identify issues and possible solutions.

I-CAR Introduces Industry’s First Online OEM Calibration Requirements Search Feature

The “OEM Calibration Requirements Search” feature, available online through the I-CAR Repairability Technical Support (RTS) Portal, describes calibration requirements for each vehicle when repairing vehicles equipped with advanced driver assist systems.

GM Releases Position Statement on Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning

GM’s goal is to ensure that all necessary repairs are diagnosed during the estimate process, and that vehicles are returned to customers in pre-crash condition.

CIC Emerging Technologies Subcommittee Discusses Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning

The industry wants to know, does every car need to be scanned? Does it depend on the year, make and model, severity and type of repair? Why should repairers do this? What is the compensation?

Post-Collision Repair Inspections – Something to Fear?

We’re in the process of repairing a late-model SUV with a substantial amount of damage to both its front and rear areas. Our customer has informed us that they’re having a post-repair inspection performed on their vehicle once the repairs are completed. This concerns us as we’ve seen and read where some shops are slammed