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Spill Control Cabinet

Manufactured of cold rolled steel and featuring all-welded construction, this cabinet measures 13 13/16” wide by 30 1/16” high by 12” deep and has two adjustable shelves for wipes, towels, tissues, neutralizers, fluid solidifiers, cellulose wadding and other general use products. A plexiglass window permits easy viewing of contents and keyholes are provided to permit

Professional-Grade Halogen Task Lights

Specifically designed to illuminate the professional workshop, garage and job site, KTI’s task lights are available in floor or tripod models. All KTI fixtures use a 500-watt quartz halogen bulb (included) that emits brighter, whiter light and uses less energy. Call (800) 762-6002.

High-Performance Fan

The most popular design among hot rod enthusiasts, this dual 11” fan’s light weight and compact design also make it ideal for a wide range of car and truck applications. It features a paddle blade design for low operating noise and  achieves a maximum airflow of 2,780 cu. ft. per minute. The efficient dual setup

Auto Body Welding Kit

The STEINEL Auto Body Welding Kit has everything you need to repair bumpers, door panels, tabs and other body parts. Restore cracks, fractures and deep scratches in most thermoplastic materials back to original strength in under 30 minutes. Call (800) 852-4343.

Complete Air Treatment in One Package

Moisture, oil and dirt in compressed air lines hurt product quality, reduce productivity and increase maintenance requirements in shop equipment. The High Temperature Refrigerated Dryer (HTRD) removes moisture and filters contaminants in one compact package. All HTRD models include a precooler/reheater, chiller, two-stage separator/filter and automatic drain. They’re specifically designed to work well in environments

Complete Leak Detection

A special leak detection kit makes it easy for dealership technicians to find all air conditioning and fluid leaks the first time – and to charge appropriately for that service. The TP-8649 OPTIMAX Jr/Mini-EZ dealership kit features the high-intensity leak detection flashlight with a 100,000-hour LED bulb. It has an inspection range of over six

Save Time on Grinding Applications

Mini-Dynafile II is a lightweight, air-powered abrasive belt machine for grinding, blending and deburring in normally inaccessible areas. Running at 25,000 RPM, it uses 1/8” to 1/2” wide x 12” long abrasive belts. The multi-positioning grinding head pivots 180°. The lightweight, composite housing reduces vibration and is thermal insulated to prevent cold air transmission to

Efficient Air Compressor

The Ultra Pack Compressor is made of cast iron and is conveniently packaged with the following optional equipment: air-cooled after cooler – reduces up to 70% of moisture in the air stream; magnetic motor starter – factory installa tion; designated voltage; low oil level switch – automatically shuts the compressor unit down; dual control –

Excellent Finish Quality

The RAZOR Metallic HVLP is optimized for metallic and fine metallic paint with a well-defined spray pattern for superior material distribution. The RAZOR HVLP primer gun is a first-class gun that delivers low overspray to minimize sanding. The RAZOR LVLP spray guns spray both base and clear but are optimized to spray clear-coats. These guns

No Tire Tools or Pry Bars Needed

McCourt Industries and Corghi’s AM26 and AM50 tire service center models need no tire tools or pry bars because of their unique designs, virtually eliminating tire and wheel damage. The wheel clamp tire changer line provides unmatched quality by the only ISO 9001 Certified wheel service manufacturer and the longest warranty in the industry. Its

Manual Waterborne Paint Gun Washer

The G510 Waterborne Paint Gun Washer provides paint technicians a quick and thorough method for manually cleaning all waterborne paint equipment. It’s easy to use and only requires water for cleaning. Since waterborne paint sets so fast, the aggressive bristles on the flow-through brush effectively remove any stubborn paint. The water filter system provides a

Quietly Making You Money

Sidewinder Model M-2 has been investigated and listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. in compliance with UL 2208 Standard for Solvent Distillation Units and the 1997 United States Uniform Fire Code File #E176922 (S). Sidewinder remains the sole recipient of UL certification for passing the toughest vapor concentration tests in the United States.