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CRA Seeks Industry-Wide Support for Anti-Steering Bill

The Collision Repair Association of California (CRA) called on repairers in the state to rally around Senate Bill 1167, which it calls “truth-setting policy” that protects consumers from insurer DRP steering tactics. The bill, authored by state Sen. Pat Wiggins (D-Santa Rosa) and sponsored by the CRA, states that when a claimant first reports an

NAIC Releases 2007 Market Share Data

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has released the 2007 market share premium data for the top 25 insurers of select property/casualty lines of business. These data help to provide an indicator of the degree of market concentration in a line of business, as well as identify leading insurance writers. The report includes countrywide

Fox Explains Reasons for Failed Finances in Bankruptcy Court

Todd Fox spoke to creditors in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Feb. 29, explaining how he plans to liquidate Fox Collision Repair’s assets to pay nearly 100 pages of creditors. Fox appeared with his bankruptcy attorney, Ed Nazar, in the U.S. Trustee’s office. Fox abruptly shut his 18 shops in October, leaving employees and creditors unpaid,

Cut Paint Time in Half

Collision Services says the Panel PRO Paint Stand will cut painting time in half. One person can safely handle hoods, tailgates, doors, liftgates, deck lids and fenders with one hand. It rotates 90 degrees, has an infinite amounts of adjustments and comes with industrial-grade locking casters for stability. Optional accessories are available. Call (800) 367-6575.

Portable Prep Station

The Mobile Work Station maximizes workspace and productivity better than ever. It can also provide significant savings on energy bills by eliminating the need to heat/cool make-up air, with no building or ventilation modifications required. Call (800) 242-6870.

Heat Aluminum or Steel

The INDUCTOR PRO MAX 4 commercial-grade induction heating tool with a two-year warranty can heat aluminum or steel. It also removes body caulking, seam sealers and hail dents. New “U-Series” attachments including: the Glass Blaster, which removes bonded glass, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives and sprayed-on bedliners; the Concentrator, which instantly heats nuts and bolts;

Remove Adhesives Easily

The Autotron is a fast, flameless electromagnetic heating system for removal and re-installation of automotive encapsulated glass, SMC panels, adhesively bonded side moldings, pin-striping and graphics. It can also be used for paintless dent repair and the thermal expansion of nuts and bolts.

Efficient Welding

The new DiGi-SWAT MAXX welder has Tite-Spot’s biggest transformer. Its efficiency comes from using materials with the highest electrical and magnetic characteristics available. Special attention was given using the maximum size wire that could be fit into the transformer’s core.

Weld With Exact Guidance

Thanks to its manageability, the new Transformer-X-Gun ELMAspot 9000T with 10k Hz technology is ap-plicable everywhere and ensures exact guidance and reproducible welding quality.

OEM-Approved Spot Welder

Elektron says that its MULTISPOT MI-100 control is approved by more auto manufacturers worldwide than any other spot welder. It features a unique central connector for quick and easy changeover of spot welding guns, pliers and accessories. To handle a wide range of OEM repairs, the unit is equipped with easily selectable car manufacturer welding

New Mixing/Paint Cup

SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is a single-use mixing cup for painting, staining, varnishing, refilling and storing paint/stain/varnish material. No special adapter is required. It can be used for mixing and refilling, and has easy-to-read graduations. The QCC system permits quick cup change and also attaches to SATA spray guns with standard threads. No strainer

High-End Paint Guns

Mac Tools’ HVLP and conventional gravity paint guns transfer a minimum of 70 percent paint to the object. Low-air consumption and an 11” fan make these guns efficient. Features include a billeted aluminum air cap and stainless steel fluid tip and needle, smooth pull trigger and easy-adjust knobs. Call (800) MAC-TOOLS.