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Protecting Your Car from Mother Nature

The weather is nearly as unpredictable as the ever-changing industry! Whether it’s summer storms, surprise hail, or the unforgiving rays of the sun, CARSTAR is here to help and lend an expert opinion. Keep reading to discover our best tips on how to protect your car from Mother Nature. Use Sunshades and Window Tints We

Scanning and Calibrations: Here to Stay in 2023

2022 brought a lot of change, challenges, and new technology for the collision repair industry. This industry has proved time and time again to be ever changing, but with many owners seeing record-breaking highs in WIP, all while dealing with parts and labor shortages, many were ready to hit the ground running in 2023. Consumer


Strategic Planning Creates Sustainable Business for Years to Come The old saying “A rising tide floats all boats” would certainly apply today in the collision repair industry. With record collision repair volume, the collision repair industry is stretched beyond capacity. That means that some body shops are taking overflow work from collision repair facilities who

Rainy Day Plan, Umbrella of a Strong Collision Repair Network Help Collision Repair Facility Owner Weather the Storm

The time to prepare for a stormy weather is not when clouds are on the horizon, it is when the sun is shining at its brightest.

Effective Marketing for Collision Repairers

Consistently marketing your collision repair business is important in order to ensure you reach customers before your competitors do.

A Road Map For an Independent Operator

When you’re an independent collision repair center, the road ahead is full of speed bumps.

How Do I Find Good Technicians?

Unfortunately, collision repairers across North America have been struggling to recruit and retain top talent in recent years.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Leadership – a Two-Way Street

Over the history of the collision repair industry, the local center has often been a family business, with automotive repair skills handed down from one generation to the next.

Know When to Grow

For a collision repair shop owner, just handling the daily deluge of repairs, staff management, insurance relationships and financial issues is a significant challenge. Growing the business on top of that can be a daunting task.