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Protecting Your Car from Mother Nature

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The weather is nearly as unpredictable as the ever-changing industry! Whether it’s summer storms, surprise hail, or the unforgiving rays of the sun, CARSTAR is here to help and lend an expert opinion. Keep reading to discover our best tips on how to protect your car from Mother Nature.

Use Sunshades and Window Tints

We all know the sun’s heat can be fairly intense on a hot summer day. Did you know those harsh UV rays from the sun can fade your car’s interior and damage its paint job overtime? Investing in sunshades for your windshield, and even your side windows, is one of the best ways to reduce interior heat and potential faded interior. Some also consider tinting their windows. The tint can assist in blocking UV rays and keep your car cooler during hot days.

Seek Shelter Whenever Possible

This next one may be obvious, but park in the shade when possible! Parking under a covered spot is a simple way to safeguard your car’s fresh coat of paint from excessive sun.

Garages and covered parking lots are ideal choices. These covered areas can protect your car from unexpected conditions, like hailstorms and falling branches. If no car shelter is available, try to park away from trees, as branches could fall and cause damage to your vehicle. Lastly, try to avoid parking in low lying areas where flash floods are more likely to occur.

Wax and Polish Your Car

Wax on, wax off. Regularly applying wax and protectant polish to the exterior of your vehicle will create a protective layer that can help shield it from hail and UV rays. Waxing your car every three to four months provides a hydrophobic barrier that repels water and keeps hail from leaving permanent dents.

Check Your Car’s Weather Seals

Our last and final tip for protecting your car from natural conditions is to regularly check your car’s weather seals. These seals can be found around the windows, doors, and the trunk. Making sure they are intact and functioning properly will prevent damaging water leaks during storms.

It can feel like a hassle to plan with all these precautions, but it is important to remember that preparedness is a key component of resilience! Take the steps that you can to protect yourself and your vehicle so you can be as prepared as possible for Mother Nature’s unexpected surprises.

Sponsored by CARSTAR.

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