Dave Williams, Author at BodyShop Business

Auto repairs rank among the highest incidences of
consumer complaints in nearly every state. How can this be if insurers that perform post-repair inspections are doing those inspections well?

Customer Care to the Max

Fred Haas Collision Center earns accolades through a customer-centered approach and continual process improvement.

Would Your Work Pass an Auto Safety Expert’s Test?

Many post-repair inspectors are finding that collision repair shops’ work isn’t up to snuff. And that can lead to a liability nightmare, not to mention the end of their businesses.

9 Steps to Protect Your Shop from DV Claims

Post-repair inspectors, on average, see proper repairs one time out of every 100 inspections. Sloppy repairs are on the rise – and due to insurers forcing shops to carry liability insurance policies often exceeding $1 million, so are attorneys looking to hold shops accountable.

Build a Better Mousetrap, and the World Will Beat a Path to Your Door

7 strategies for quality-driven shops to maintain profitability in a marketplace fixated on “fast” and “cheap.”

10 Tips for Eliminating Repair-Related DV

Figuring dimished value.