Debbie Briggs, Author at BodyShop Business
The ‘Six Million Dollar’ Repair

Though the repairs to this Mercedes-Benz didn’t cost millions (nor were they performed secretly by the government), the car – like Steve Austin – had sustained serious damage. Could this mangled mess be made whole again? Absolutely.

‘I Ran to Fight for the Little Guy’

Richard “Rick” Impallaria of the Maryland House of Delegates.

Pancake Wars

ding that the only batter he’ll use is from an inn in Washington. “I’ve been there myself, and I love their pancakes. “So for me, the Thoroughbred [tie-in] is we’re satisfying a pretty fussy palate here, and we’re serving to those that really, really understand and enjoy something that’s finer than average.” Lassak starts his

Making Things Happen on the Hill

While his breakfast may be unconventional, Bob Redding’s typical day usually follows a standard pattern – and it’s a busy one. When Congress is in session, you’ll likely find Redding – the Automotive Service Assocation’s Washington, D.C. representative for the past 10 years – at a hearing on the latest industry issue, catching up on

Tag, You’re It

If a celebrity’s car scrapes your car in a race, does it still count as a celebrity encounter? It does in B.J. Piekarski’s book.

Head of the (Training) Class

As I-CAR’s new executive vice president and CEO, Tom McGee is responsible for developing all of the technical training programs and services. Big job? Absolutely. But it beats the heck out of bussing tables at Big Boy.

Web Browser: Training

Ever feel like there’s just not enough time in the day for training? And even if you made the time, you wouldn’t know what courses to have your techs take anyway? Even worse, there’s the hassle of registering.

Big Fun: The Mini-Cooper

Is bigger always better? Not according to BMW, the maker – actually re-maker – of the classic British Mini. About 10,000 Classic Minis were sold in the United States from 1960-1967 and, after a 35-year hiatus, the MINI is back – and being dubbed the first “it” car of the 21st century. (The BMW folks spell the new MINI with all caps to distinguish it from the Mini of yesteryear.) The MINI – available in the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S – hit U.S. soil again this year, and dealers can’t keep ’em on the lot. It’s MINI-mania. Take it from the MINI Web site: The SUV backlash starts now.

Protecting the Consumer – and You

Whether it’s health care or the collision industry, the bills California Sen. Jackie Speier sponsors always have one thing in common: doing what’s best for the consumer. As luck would have it, what’s good for the consumer is often good for the repairer.

Cars to Come

SUVs, sedans, coupes, minivans – sometimes all rolled into one. They look futuristic, but you could be seeing some of them on the road – and in your shop – as early as next year.

Parking Lot Pileup

To avoid an accident on the highway, a driver slammed on her brakes and crashed into seven parked cars instead – leaving a shop with a parking lot full of re-wrecked vehicles and a lot of explaining to do.

Restyle 101: The Specialty Equipment Market

From trailer hitches to running boards to custom leather interiors, the aftermarket accessories market seems almost endless. And with a little education about this multi-billion-dollar market, you could be sharing in the profits.