Dennis Howard, Author at BodyShop Business
Fight Steering With Steering

It’s legal for insurers to tell consumers about preferred shop programs. Problem is, if you’re not one of the shops on these programs, you likely won’t get the work. Fight back by developing other sources of referrals that steer consumers to you. While insurers are permitted to make consumers aware of the "programs it has

Invoking The “Appraisal” Clause

Scenario: A first-party insured with collision coverage brings his damaged car to you for repairs. Your estimate comes to $3,501. The insurer has “appraised” (a.k.a “estimated”) the cost of repair at $2,255. Reinspections and supplementals have been exhausted, and there’s still a sizeable gap between the actual cost of repair and what the insurer is

The Evolution of DRPs

“To every thing – there is a season – and a time – for every purpose – under heaven.” Those lyrics have been repeating in my head since I began outlining this article examining direct-repair agreements. Why? Because to examine DRP agreements without examining their history and evolution would – in my opinion – be

Out of Sight: Should You Release a Vehicle Before You’ve Been Paid in Full?

If you know your state law regarding mechanic’s liens, you can return a vehicle to its rightful owner and exercise your right to be paid for work performed.