Mike Lawrence, Author at BodyShop Business
Is That Your Idea of Window Shopping?

For one collision repair shop owner, the scenic view out his front window was significantly altered when a Lexus, a daydreaming doctor and a little too much pressure on the gas pedal came together to “shatter” his afternoon.

Signed, Steered, Delivered — Not Yours

Many shop owners contend that insurance adjusters steer work to DRP shops. To compete, you need to educate yourself so you can then educate potential customers.

Retaining Good Law Information

Working to level the playing field between shops and insurers, Chicago attorney Patrick McGuire has created a program where he’s at the beck and call of shops in need of law advice. To the many shop owners he’s helped educate, McGuire is collision repair’s answer to Ann Landers.

A Jump in Profits

Would you like to know how a Michigan body shop owner’s 8-year-old son doubled the facility’s profits? Here’s a hint. It involved a ramp, nine cars, a motorbike and “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

Forget the Decoder Ring: CIECA’s EMS System

Because information providers are no longer considering encryption or licensing agreements to limit access of estimate data as it travels along the Internet from shop to insurer, the goal of CIECA’s EMS standard can finally be achieved: No more re-keying data. No matter what provider you use, the EMS system can format the estimate so when it gets to the insurer, it looks just how they wanted it.

It’s the General Lee! It’s a White Ford Bronco! Wait…It’s a Wheelchair!?

When it comes to outrunning the cops on the highway, a wheelchair probably isn’t the best vehicle to use. (Note, BodyShop Business would never condone leading police on chase, unless of course you were being pursued by Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrain, or you just didn’t want a ticket). But for an elderly man in London last November, being pulled over by the police meant not having to roll down his window.

The Technical Side of Bedliners

Deciding to offer sprayed-on bedliners is more than a simple business decision. It requires some technical know-how. Which system is right for your shop? Which gun type is right for the system you choose? And which chemicals will mean quality jobs, satisfied customers and long-lasting color? All these are important questions if you intend to profit from this profit center.

Two Lines, Faster Times: Separating Light and Heavy Repairs

Toyota claims that separating light and heavy repairs into two lines will increase shop productivity by 40 percent – but only if American techs can learn to work together as a team.

A Reluctant Informer and the Hardest Hit

An Oregon body shop technician’s keen eye and decades of repair experience played a vital role in the apprehension of a driver responsible for the hit-and-run death of a 12-year-old girl. But it was more than knowledge of the job. It was his first-hand knowledge of knowing what it was like to lose a child.

From Tow Truck Drives to Computer Drives

He says he saw a UFO, he wears flip-flops and he used to drive a tow truck, but what does shop network-owner Erick Bickett have to say about computers, consolidation and Christmas?

Made in Taiwan: A/M Parts: Part 4 of the Series

This month, we conclude our series on Taiwanese aftermarket parts manufacturers with a look at Auto Parts Industrial, Ltd. and TYC, a division of the Tong Yang Group

Driving to Work as the Crow Flies

Developing a flying car!