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There Is No Technician Shortage

Despite what the industry tries to convince itself of, the shortage of job applicants isn’t caused by a lack of qualified techs. It’s due to low wages, unsupportive shop owners and truly greener grass on the other side of the fence.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Estimators

Technicians have enough to worry about, so when they spend a lot of their time checking P-pages and writing their own supplements because the estimator didn’t know everything to ask for, the whole shop suffers.

Dirt Hurts: Simple Car-Care Cleanliness Tips.

As collision repairers, we work in and generate so much dirt that we tend to ignore it. Customers, however, notice dirt immediately — especially when it’s in or on their vehicles. To get noticed for your quality repairs instead of the grime you leave behind, follow these simple car-care cleanliness tips.

The Power of Video: Pre-exisiting Damage?

After the repairs to the left door and left quarter panel of Lisa Harrington’s 1997 Honda Accord were completed, the vehicle was detailed and parked near the front of the office for delivery. When the customer arrived that afternoon, she seemed quite pleased with the repairs, until she noticed a rather sizable dent in the

Come Back! Impressing New Technicians to Stay

While off to a promising start, an apprentice left collision repair behind. Why? For starters, shortcutting techs didn’t want to take the time to teach, and insurance “procedures” didn’t offer him hope for a secure future. If you’re lucky enough to snag a future tech, remember: The impressions he gets will be lasting ones, so make them good.

Career Shop or Stepping Stone? High Employee Turnover Rate

A high employee turnover rate can slow shop productivity, weaken the image of your business and dilute the morale of remaining employees. But by understanding techs’ most common complaints, getting personal and offering some unorthodox benefits, you can be sure the employees you hire today are with you tomorrow.

10 Tips For Techs

As a technician, you should be doing all you can to save money and work efficiently. Why? Because by implementing a few new work habits, you can increase shop profits — and your chances for a raise.

8 Ways To Mass Produce

Does your shop’s production level need a swift kick in the pants? Check out these strategies you and the rest of your management team can implement to increase technician output.

The Diamond Dilemma: Getting the Frame Straight

Although repairing a frame with a diamond condition shouldn’t be difficult, many techs do just the opposite of what they’re supposed to do.